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Pretty in Pink, Pt. II – Get Carried Away Escort Cards

In my earlier post, Pretty in Pink, Pt. I, I talked about all of the fabulous details of Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher‘s beautiful wedding ceremony.  Now, however, I want to focus on how you can have a pink-tinged celebration that emulates Carrie’s style without having to match her budget!

One of the easiest details to copy from the reception are the escort card hockey pucks.  These take an element from the groom’s interests (hockey) and an element from the bride’s style (the color pink) and fuse them together to make an adorable wedding detail.  However, not every groom loves hockey!  Never fear, for this can be adapted to any sport or interest.  Take, for example, tennis:  If your guy loves tennis and you love the color pink, pick up a pack of pink tennis balls from your nearest sporting goods store.  Using a knife, create a slit in the ball that is about a quarter of an inch deep and you can insert an escort card right into that slit.  Spray the ball with glitter to achieve the metallic effect of Carrie’s hockey pucks.

Krylon makes glitter spray paint in a number of fun colors - courtesy of dickblick.com