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Getting started…finally!

I’ll admit it — I am already failing at this blogging thing.  I spend too much time thinking up things to blog about and not enough time actually writing anything.  Though I dedicated myself to starting this blog weeks ago, I am only just getting started!!  I have tried blogging a number of times before this one and each and every time, my blog falls rather pathetically into Internet oblivion (there must be so many things on the web that nobody ever sees — it makes me wonder…).

I have tried writing blogs about my everyday life…too boring.  I have tried writing blogs about my adolescent love life…too uneventful.  I have tried writing blogs about my opinions on pop culture, about my scholarly pursuits, about my college application process, about my dream of getting into FIT…too bleh.  Nothing ever seems to stick.  Now, however, I am determined to make this blog stick.

I have decided that it’s best to write about something that you are truly passionate about…something you’ll never get tired of researching, writing about, reading about, discussing at length, etc.  For me, one of those somethings is the bridal industry.  I love, love, love weddings and absolutely everything having to do with them.  Wedding gowns, wedding cakes, wedding plans, wedding invitations, the whole nine yards.  It all fascinates me and I hope to one day make a career out of it by opening my very own bridal salon.

For now though, I think that the best way to get my feet wet and start learning more about the industry is through writing this blog.  So, from here on in, I will be immersing myself in the world of weddings (though it would be more accurate to say further immersing myself in the industry, since I already read a slew of bridal magazines on a regular basis and keep a wedding scrapbook of favorite gowns, cakes, and other details in a large Moleskine notebook).  Here goes nothing…