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Rest in Peace Toby…meet Miss Penny…

First of all, I realize that I haven’t updated this in quite some time.  Things have just been a little hectic and I hadn’t gotten around to posting anything.  Luckily, as a commuter student with relatively large gaps between classes, I have plenty of time to sit in FIT’s Gladys Marcus Library and pen something for posting.  So, here I go.

Last week, my dog, Toby, passed away.  It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through.  Toby had been with me for eight years and was, and always will be, my best friend.

RIP Toby: 2002-2010

My mom and I decided that we’d wait to get a new dog until after Thanksgiving time.  But, without Toby, the house was just too lonely.  After an exploratory search at the North Shore Animal League‘s shelter in Port Washington, my boyfriend, Joey, and I found a tiny Toby lookalike named Perry.  Perry was sweet and affectionate, albeit slightly nervous, and I decided he was meant for me.  I pledged to come back with my mother so she could approve of the choice.

Little Perry...hope he went to a good home!

Unfortunately, by the time we got back to North Shore Animal League America, Perry had already been adopted.  No other dogs seemed to fit the bill.  Then, as we were walking out, Joey caught sight of one of the associates carrying a tiny dog.  She had been shipped up from Mississippi, where larger dogs are preferred, and was just being brought out to a cage for the first time after North Shore’s vets had spayed her.  Long story short, the little Min Pin mix came home with us that day.  Her name is Penny and she’s 10 weeks old and only 3 pounds!  Toby would’ve loved her.