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Well Wishes

You never know what you’ll find when looking through the classifieds section of a magazine.  Brides Magazine’s “Best Bets” section is one of my favorite classifieds sections.  Full of quirky wedding favors, invitation ideas, and all sorts of personalized items, “Best Bets” of course has its tackier choices (e.g. trampy rhinestone-adorned platform flip-flops), but, it also has a number of hidden gems.  One of my favorites from the “Best Bets” vault?  Guestbook Store.

One of the most adorable guestbooks on the market -- image courtesy of guestbookstore.com

Guestbookstore.com offers guestbooks for all occasions; from baby showers to anniversaries to graduations.  Most notably, in my mind, are their offerings for weddings.  Guestbooks are a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding celebration and provide you with a souvenir to look back upon for years to come.

Your guestbook provides for memories that'll last a lifetime -- photo courtesy of guestbookstore.com

However, when faced with a blank guestbook page, wedding guests often cop out and just pen something generic like “Wishing you well in your lives together!”  Guestbook Store’s books provide wedding attendees with prompts that help them create more interesting, heartfelt entries for the bride and groom.  Prompts include things like “How do you know the bride and groom?” and “Any advice for the newlyweds?”

Additionally, Guestbook Store offers two different page designs: predictions, which asks guests to take bets on things like when the couple will have their first child, and memories, which asks guests to discuss their favorite memory of the wedding celebration.  Different pages are also available based upon the mood of a wedding: formal or casual.

Casual vs. Formal -- image courtesy of guestbookstore.com

Wedding Memories Page Design -- courtesy of guestbookstore.com

Wedding Reflections Page Design -- courtesy of guestbookstore.com

My suggestion for encouraging attendees to participate in filling out a guestbook page would be to distribute the pages with dessert.  When relaxing over a warm beverage and a slice of cake during this low-key part of the reception, guests are more likely to provide thoughtful responses.  To make this even more personal, provide a selection of colored markers and perhaps some cute stickers to allow guests to further express themselves and their personal style.  It’ll provide for wedding memories that you’ll always cherish.