Red Carpet vs. Down The Aisle

Award season is the time when celebrities pull out all the stops and go for the fashion gold.  Strutting down a red carpet in designer duds is always a huge deal but at the Oscars, the king of award shows, who you’re wearing becomes even more important.  From sleek and sophisticated to modern and fresh, the red carpet at this year’s Academy Awards was home to some major fashion statements.  Fortunately for brides-to-be, you don’t have to be famous to wear a stunning gown to a very special celebration.

Whether you hope to exude the confidence of Halle Berry or the grace of Natalie Portman, there is a dress that will make you look as wonderful walking down the aisle as they do gliding across the red carpet.  If emulating a certain celebrity style icon’s Oscar look is what you wish for, then it’s easy to make that wish come true.

When you see a fabulous gown on the red carpet, think simple!  Don’t try to find an exact dupe of the gown in white.  Instead, choose a few of the most important details, or simply the ones you find most striking, such as a neckline, embellishment, or silhouette, and use those as inspirational guidelines throughout your search for that perfect dress.  In the slideshow here, I’ve found some stunning bridal gowns that echo the red carpet style of some of the best dressed celebs at this year’s Academy Awards.

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